To disable UAC in Windows 8 Professional:

  1. From the Desktop, press Windows Key + R to access the RUN dialogue. Type 'GPEdit.msc' into the form and click 'OK'.
  2. In the Local Group Policy Editor window edit the Computer Configuration by selecting the follwing items in order:
  • Computer Configuration
  • Windows Settings
  • Security Settings
  • Local Policies
  • Security Options

3. Disable the following User Access Control policys:

  • Allow UIAccess applications to prompt for elevation without using the secure desktop.
  • Switch to the secure desktop when prompting for elevation.

4. Close the Local Group Policy Editor window

5. Restart Windows


  • These steps should be followed if disabling User Account Access settings from the Control Panel did not work.
  • Entered : 12/2012
  • Version(s) : SMS 8.9+
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