Does Cyrious SMS or Control support EMV “chip card technology” transactions?
Currently, no. The existing credit card processing interface within Cyrious SMS and Cyrious Control does not currently support EMV transactions.
Any EMV transactions that you process will be done outside of Cyrious. To enter that payment into SMS or Control you would do so as a manual payment similar to the method you utilize for recording wire transfers, cash, checks, etc.
Does Cyrious plan to add the ability to accept EMV transactions?
Cyrious will be making changes to support EMV in Control but have not committed to SMS pending review of the changes.
Cyrious is waiting for Elavon to release it's EMV interface before we can begin. An early, incomplete draft of their Commerce SDK release was released in July. We have an EMV terminal and have run the sample tests they provide, but the SDK is very limited at this time and we do not currently know when the more complete version (or documentation) will be released.
What else should I understand about EMV?
There are a few aspect of EMV that will apply to any company using this technology:
* Businesses that wish to accept EMV transactions need to purchase an external EMV hardware terminal from your payment solutions provider. There are several different models, manufacturers, etc. and most are within the $200 to $300 range per hardware terminal.
* Cyrious customers will still be able to run even if they don't add EMV support, but adding EMV will reduce their liability for fraudulent chargebacks when the card is present.
* Most Cyrious customers run payment from a card given over the phone or stored in the customer record. EMV does not apply to those transactions at all, and the rules have not changed.
I've heard about a “liability shift”. Will EMV reduce my business liability.

- To fraudulent charge when the card owner claims they did not make the purchase. It does not change the rules for charge-backs, when the charges are disputed.

  1. When the card is present and run using the new chip technology (i.e., not swiped).

Version Information

  • SMS 8.9 and newer
  • Control 4.4 and newer


  • Last revised on 5/21/2015
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