• Unable to find registry entries \software\ cyrious software\SSLIP\Systemdata.
  • This error message is telling you that the current file of the SSLIP\Systemdata can not be found when it is running the process in SSLIP in essence it is missing the Sytemdata file, or it just can not find it.
  • High**. Users are down because if you can not open the SSLIP you can not open SMS.
  • This happens when the setting for the SSLIP are deleted or just lost.
  • The easiest solution for this situation it to reinstll the SMS program but make sure you rename the SSLIP folder in SMS before you do just by placeing an underscore before the SSLIP folder name so the new name looks like this _SSLIP
  • Reported : 9/2009
  • Version(s): SMS 8.6, 8.9
  • Fixed in : 9/2009
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