“Unable to locate SSLIP Data” when starting the SSLIP.

Older versions of the SSLIP read the location of the SSLIP database and System databases from the users registry (HKCU). As of SMS V8.9 and Control 4.0, these entries are not necessary unless you want to change the default behavior of the SSLIP.

This error is usually means (in order of frequency):

  1. The registry entries are missing (most common). This may occur when a new user logs in to run the SSLIP because the registry settings must be set up for each user.
  2. The information specified in the registry is invalid
  3. The SSLIP database or is missing.
  1. Download SSLIP.reg to your desktop
  2. Double click on the SSLIP.reg
  3. Delete the SSLIP.reg from your desktop
  4. Open the SSLIP
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