When attempting to launch Cyrious an error appears as outlined below. The SSLIP is responsible for providing all users of Cyrious will database connection information, report information, sequencing of database table records, licensing, etc. This error typically appears if the Cyrious SSLIP on the server is not running or you are experiencing network issues.

High User is down on all of the affected machines because with no connection to the SSLIP you can not run Cyrious SMS.

  • The SSLIP on the server is not up and running.
  • The client computers are not able to locate the Cyrious SSLIP on the network.
  • AntiVirus and Internet Security settings may be blocking the connection to the Cyrious SSLIP.
  • UAC is set to one of the highest two levels on the client computer.
  1. In the Bottom Right hand corner of the screen on the system tray near the time clock should be your SSLIP system tray icon.
  2. If you can not locate the Cyrious SSLIP, you may need to start the SSLIP by going to START > All Programs > Startup > Cyrious SSLIP. The Cyrious SSLIP will begin to load, after a short wait the Cyrious SSLIP will minimize to the system tray.

The Cyrious SSLIP broadcasts its location over the network. In some networks that have multiple firewalls that have not been configured for Cyrious there can be the case where the computers are not able to locate which computer the SSLIP is running on. If this occurs you can forcefully tell your computers where to locate the SSLIP. This helps to workaround problems you may have with DNS or routing on your network.

From the server:

  1. Browse to the install path for the Cyrious.
    1. Cyrious SMS: By default this path is C:\Program Files\Cyrious\SMS\
    2. Cyrious Control: By default this path is C:\Program Files\Cyrious\Control\
  2. Locate the SMS_Options.txt or Control_Options.txtfile the relevant program you're using and open it with notepad.
    1. If you do not have this file you can create a blank text document with notepad. Be sure to give it this exact filename.

**Tip:** Be sure you name the file properly, routinely we see the files misnamed because "Hide extensions for known file types" is turned on.

  1. Add this line to the Options file.
    1. SSLIPAddress=ComputerName

i.e. If the computer name of the server is CyriousSRV then the line you add would be SSLIPAddress=CyriousSRV

**Tip:** If adding the computer name doesn't resolve the problem you may be encountering a DNS issue where any client computer is not properly resolving the computer name back to its actual IP address. When this happens switch the computer name with the actual internal IP address of the server. i.e. SSLIPAddress=

**Note:** This may cause issues for other clients connecting. As a work around you can add the SSLIPAddress as a string with the servername in the registry: HKCU\\Software\Cyrious Software\SMS\Options\ on the local machine having issues

  1. Remove any and all port offsets for Cyrious or try a new port
  1. Reboot the server

  1. Reboot the router that connects to the server
  1. If you are on a client machine, ensure that User Account Control (UAC) is not turned up too high. If it is on the two highest levels all network activity attempted by Control is denied because a network application is attempting to communicate across the network. UAC sees this attempt of communication as suspicious and blocks the activity. Use one of the lower two levels to resolve the problem or have the user run Control as administrator by right-clicking and choosing Run As Administrator.
  1. Ensure that IPv6 is disabled using the following steps:
    1. Go to Control Panel
    2. Open Network and Sharing Center
    3. Click Change Adapter Settings
    4. Right click on Local Area Connection
    5. Click Properties
    6. Un-check “Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)” if it is checked.
    7. Try launching Control again
  1. Check SMS Option in registry to make sure it is pointing to correct server
  2. Bring up run prompt and type regedit
  3. HKEY_Current_USER> Software> Cyrious Software> SMS> SMS_Options
  4. Check if string value is pointing to correct server name
  5. If client is running more than one store and receiving error when opening second store, it is okay to delete the key for SMS_Options. This will prevent SMS from only looking at that SSLIP server.
  • Version(s): Control, SMS 8.0+;
  • Revised in : 12/2010
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