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By Tier

This organization of issues is arranged based on the Tier-designation used internally by Cyrious Software for their support technicians. A Tier-1 issue is well understood and the steps to repair it are straight forward. A Tier-2 issue is generally less common, presents differently in each case, or requires a high level of technical experience to resolve. A Tier-3 issue requires the most skilled technician applying the scientific method to diagnose and resolve the issue.

Tier 1 Issues

The following issues are generally Tier 1 issues. Tier 1 technicians should handle these issues as outlined in the steps detailed in the description. If the issue remains after the completion of the Tier 1 steps, the Tier 1 technician stops work on it and elevates the ticket to the next available Tier 2 technician.

~ Customer Request or Error ~ Tier 1 Action
Installation Related
* Want to put SMS on a new Client sms1_-_sms_client_installation
* New SMS Customer
* New SMS Server Installation
* Wants to Upgrade the version of SMS they are running. sms1_-_upgrade_8.91_to_latest_release
* Server Crash
* Move Server to a new computer
* Authorize Security Key for a Newly Purchased Module
* Authorize Security Key for a Newly Purchased User License
* Error Message: - Crystal Reports not Found sms1_-_installing_crystal_reports_8.5
* Help setting up options in SMS (User Settings, Printer Settings, etc)
* Error Message: Email not sms1_-_configuring_email_settings
* Support Expired at bottom of Cyrious sms_1_-_support_expired
Set-Up Related
* How to set-up email email_set-ups
* How to set-up backups backup_database_set-up
* How to set-up Reports reporting_set-up
* How to set-up Dispositions how_to_utilize_dispositions_in_sms
* How to set-up Logo set_up_the_company_logo_in_sms
* How to set-up Document Manager how_to_set-up_documents
* How to Set-up passwords how_to_set-up_passwords
* How to set-up Credit Card Processing credit_card_processing_set-up
* how_to_set-up_customers how_to_set-up_customers
* How to set-up Spell Check SMS 1 - How to set-up Spell Check
* how_to_set-up_sales_goals how_to_set-up_sales_goals
* How to change Order status change_order_status
* How to Void an Order/Estimate how_to_void_an_order_that_has_a_payment_associated_to_it
* How to Void an Order with no line items how_to_void_an_order_with_no_line_items
* How to Void a Payment how_to_void_a_payment
* How to change Disposition how_to_utilize_dispositions_in_sms
* how_to_change_regional_options how_to_change_regional_options
* How to configure which invoices appear in Orders/Explorer sms1_-_add_or_remove_invoices
* Configure one client to use two databases on separate servers Configure one client to use two databases on separate servers
Closeout Related
* Forgot to Close Day/Month/Year sms1_-_inserting_a_past_closeout
* Need to backup sms1_-_backing_up_the_database
* Want to set up the automatic backup sms1_-_setting_up_the_backup_options
Database Related
* General Database Corruption sms1_-_rebuild_database
* Record Locked by Another User sms1_-_clearing_record_lock_errors
* Error: Key Violation sms1_-_repairing_key_violations
* Error: Corrupt BLOB sms_error_-_blob_error
* Error: Index Out of Date sms1_-_rebuild_database
* Server Crash w/Data Loss SMS1 - Server Crash
Other Runtime Related
* Error Message: Unable to Locate the SSLIP. sms1_-_restart_sslip
* Internal Error
* Sandbox Errror
* Can't start SMS on Machine X if SMS is running on Machine Y
* Must run SSLIP or SMS in administrator Mode sms1_-_setting_permissions_on_cyrious_folder
* Forgot Password sms1_-_reset_password

Tier 2 Issues (Defined)
The following issues are Tier 2 issues.
||~ Task, Issue, or Error ||~ Tier 2 Action ||

General Issues
* Writing Wikis for newly discovered issues or fixes
* SSLIP error sslip_support
* Speed issues
Database Related
* Missing Line Items
* Missing Data
* Moving Data from a damaged Database table into a working one Moving Data from a damaged Database table into a working one
* bde_settings bde_settings
Accounting Related
* Closeout is Out of Balance
* GL Export is Out of Balance
* Can't Import into QuickBooks - Out of Balance
* Accounting Export Setup
* Accounting Export Issues
Report Related
* Issues with Customer Reports
* Issues with Standard Reports sms2_-_creating_bug_tickets_for_standard_reports

Tier 2 Issues (Not Defined)

Undefined Tier 2 issues refer to problems that may not fall into the list of issues, but have these characteristics:

  • Problem is repeatable on the customer's system, or on multiple customer systems.
  • Problem may or may not be recreated on another system
  • Require an understanding in many areas such as database, data structure, reporting, pricing computation, etc.

Undefined Tier 2 issues are handled by Tier 2 technicians. This type of problem requires a scientific method of hypothesis, research, and trial-and-error.

Tier 3 Issues

Tier 3 issues refer to problems with these characteristics:

  • May not be easily defined.
  • Are usually not easily repeatable
  • Usually can't be [intentionally] recreated on another system
  • Require a deep, broad understanding in many areas such as database, data structure, reporting, pricing computation, etc.
  • May involve interaction with non-SMS players or the operating system.

By their nature, there is not a list of Tier 3 issues. Rather this type of problem requires a sophisticated scientific method of hypothesis, research, and trial-and-error.

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